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H1B(for 2013) and H4 both approved on same day!!!

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I am in a weird situation! When i got RFE for 2nd time on my H1B application I applied for H4 visa to be safe side and answered the RFE at the same time! After 2 weeks Both my H1B and H4 visas were approved (on same day) by USCIS(I am surprised to see my H4 application approved in 2 weeks!! heard it usually takes 2-3 months atleast!). I am not sure in which status i will be currently in !! I have a CAP gap I-20 till the biginning of H1b (oct 2012), My H1b starts from Oct 1st 2012 and I got a H4 Visa approved on same day as H1b approved!!

Can someone please suggest me what status i will be in ?? and Can i continue to work now till Oct 1st on CAP GAP I-20 and then on H1b ??? How about approved H4 ??


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Hi Alien99,


My wife is in a similar situation. She got her approved H1 with COS on 15th May and also her H4 with COS got approved on June 15th. It seems the last approved will take precedence and so from Oct 1st she would get in H4 status. 

Can you pls let me know how you handled your case? It will be very helpful to us.





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