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2nd Job with EAD

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I have a primary job on h1, Recently I got my EAD and my employer is still the same. Today I provided with my EAD card number to my current employer. I am not sure what is their process (if they would change my status from H1 to EAD)

Can I do a second job of my own with out informing them. ( a small time consutant work on weekends with out conflicting with my primary job)

(1 job with H1 and 1 job with EAD)

(both primary job and secondary job with EAD)

What is most convenient option for me if I want to change jobs or do two jobs while on EAD ? (Shall ask my employer to let stay on h1 as long as they can and then change me to EAD or shall I change to EAD immediately, )

Its been only 4 months since i got my EAD (not yet AC21), but after 2 months with AC21 which option is more suites to do 2 jobs or switch jobs ?

Please advise

thanks vjk

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Its advisable to work on the 2nd job in consultation with your employer as they are sponsoring you.

When you start working on the 2nd job using EAD, you will no longer be on H1b.

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srik97 curious to find out if you have any input on your question from a lawyer or your employer or you ended up doign what you wanted..full time with current employer and part time with a consulting company?

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