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H1b Amendment processing time

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Hi -

I am planning to attend for Visa stamping. last year i have applied for extension and with client A and move to client B at present with in same state. As i see most of them suggested to update the i129 information with xurrent client information so planning to start processing the i129. Wanted to know the processing time for i129 currently if some one has recently filed for it either premium or general processing.


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Hello bsrksg123,

My employer filed for my H1B amendment recently in Premium Processing. It just took 12 days for the decision.

If your Client A and Client B are the same state and with in same county, then I think but not sure, you donot need H1 amendment. I've read this is some forums. Sorry! I do not remember where.

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Thanks kumar523. Yeah I came acorss the same statement that if we are in same state and county we don't need to amend. But since July 2011 it has been made strictly we need to amend if the client has been changed. That the final one.

Also for those who are looking for how long does the H1b amendment process takes is minimum 2 months through general category and thruough premium process its minimum of two weeks.

But still i am little bit looking for help on the Fee structure for H1b Amendment and H1b petition or the H1b extention petition. Does any one aware that are both H1b Amendment and H1b (extention) petition has same fee or is there any difference. I know mostly employes won't come forward to pay this. So please look in this way and provide me with details helpful for all who are planning to apply for this amendment on their own.


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Any one know how long it will take to get receipt number for regular H-1b amendment file? and How long in premium process?

I need to start work with new location (client) asap and my company is going to file H-1 amendment next week.

I would appreciate any help or reply.


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I have applied for ammenedment in premium processing and It got approved for the same period which was during the extension. My application was recived on OCT 5 and acceptence happened on OCT 10th and I got my recipet number from my attorney on 11th and the decission got updated on oct 12th as approved. So it took only 2 days after the intial review started.

My extension process also took the same time in premium processing at Vermont. I suggest going for premium processing even thoigh you need to may 1000 bugs more you dont have to worry about your application for too long.

Thank You


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Please do go for the H1b Amendment.

Also, I got my Premium Amendment approved in just one day. (one business day) so it can take any amount of time

All the best

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