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EB2 Date Change

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I was a bit curious. The July visa bulletin has the Jan 2009 date for EB2 for all other countries. Up until June the date was current so how can it move back if all current files were being processed?

My priority date is 12-29-11 and my husband's is 05-25-12. Does anyone know that now that the EB2 date is Jan 2009 the wait time will increase for me too?

Also since my date and my husband's priority date is different will we still both get our green cards together?

The other interesting thing is if you look at the processing date for TX center is 12-10-11. Does that mean within a few weeks my file will be in line since my priority date is 12-29-11?

Also how long will the EAD and advance parole take?

I read a lot of conflicting information and am totally confused. I would appreciate any feedback and possible answer from lawyer too.

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No need to check different places. just check visa bulletin, if your date is not current according to visa bulletin then you'll have to wait, no matter what processing time it shows for TX or other service center PERIOD.

EAD Comes after you file I-485 which can be file only after PD becomes current.

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I already applied my I-485 along with the AP & EAD on May 25. It was after I applied on May 25 I saw the date change in the visa bulletin.

Well if there is no point in checking the processing times at different centers why do they give that information?

I'm sure the processing times at the Tx center has some relevance to it.

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