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H1b refused twice now Applying H4

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I was refused twice for H1B visa. First time I went to Kolkata consulate and got rejection then after 3 months I went to Hyderabad consulate and they gave me 221G slip but after 2 months I got rejection email in July. Now, as my husband lives in USA on H1B, I am going to apply for H4. So which consulate would be better, Delhi or Mumbai? Also, Will I have to face any problems now as I was rejected twice before on H1? Also, can some suggest what kind of question can they ask me?

Thanks !

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Can you please tell what questions were you asked in the second interview. I am also planning to go for 2nd time after my 1st interview which was rejected and i applied for new petition which is approved. I would be a lot of help for me. Did they ask for any documents?

Or else you can send me your phone number to my email address in my profile so that i can give you a call.

Thanks in advance...

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I went to Hyderabad consulate. The interviewer was a lady.

1. why are you here today?

2. what does your company do?

3. what are your duties?

4. Since how many years you are working with this company?

5. who is your manager?

6. how do you report him?

Then within a second, she gave me the blue slip and asked me to give her my petition, clientletter and gave me my passport back and told me that she has to do some additional process which may take 6 to 7 weeks. but then after 15 weeks I got an email that your visa has been refused.

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