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I am on H1B extension valid till 2014. But as my project is getting over my employer (company) is sending me back to India. My wife is on H1B she has her project in USA.

My question is can I transfer from H1B to H4 in USA. And then try for an job and again change to H1B.

Is it possible? If I transfer H1B to H4 will my H1B gets cancelled?

And after H1b to H4, to get again H1B do I need to again apply for H1B (new) or my old h1B gets activated.


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Simply find good employer who ready to sponsor you H1 becoz u had H1 up to 2014. You can try for job search.

Or else another option, turn in H4 visa and joined in one consultancy and get job...then employer will file H1 to active it....

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