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Confusion in DS-160..Please help.

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Hello Seniors/Friends,

Presently I am on H1B Visa. I got married in March 2012. After marriage we applied the passport for my wife with my surname and details. She did not have passport before marriage.

What should I select for this below question in DS-160 for my wife - H4 dependent visa? -

Q.Have you ever used other names (i.e., maiden, religious, professional, alias, etc.)?

Can I select "NO" ? I am bit confused.Should I enter her family name in that ? Is it mandatory to enter her family name ? I am thinking to select NO and not to enter anything if it is not mandatory as it might create confusion for VO and end up with more questions for my wife in H4 visa interview.

Can you please help me ? I would really appreciate your help.

Thanks a lot.

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Yes, you've to mention "YES" & put her maiden name.

Because before marriage she was knows as different name & her all degree & other documents has maiden name. So, you should mention YES & put her maiden name.

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