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221g--->got another form to submit docs

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Hi Guys,

This is my situation

I had my visa interview on dec27th 2011 at chennai consulate ...VO asked so many questions and he made me sign on a paper which has all my answers on it..and gave 221g form with the option "Your case is returned to USCIS for further review...." selected......after a long wait...on may 2nd i got mail from VFS it has all my docs which VO has taken at the time of interview(DS 160,I797,i129 and other docs which i have submitted during H1b) and one more freaking GREEN FORM which says "RIght now we are not able to issue your visa ...and you need to submit ds 160,1791,i129 ,LCA(these are the same docs which i received from that mail)..except passport"..this time he asked for the passport....

can anyone know what does it mean.....

do i need to refill again ds 160 form?

is it a positive sign?

Please share your experience or thoughts on it...

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Dont worry its a positive sign and you wil get your visa.I saw a very similar in the forum who got the visa approved like this

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You can just never speculate what they are up to....all you can do at this time is submit what they are asking for and hope for the best.

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After 6 and half months, I got a courier from VFS aswell returning all my documents and along came another 221g (blue) stating I need to submit passport through VFS. Went ahead submitted and it's the 2nd business day since.

Though nothing about immigration is predictable. all I can say is, from all that I have read on the forums and seen, getting a 221g requesting passport submission (along with Ds-160 confirmation page, I-797, I-129, LCA) is a positive sign. So just go ahead and drop all that they have requested and you should be good in 3-5 business days.

All the best!

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just saw update on vfs regarding my passport

Your passport can be collected in person at US visa application centre in Chennai between 1600-1700 hours.

Kindly produce your HDFC fee receipt and interview appointment letter at the time of collecting your passport.

If your passport is not collected by 1700 hrs, it will be automatically dispatched to you by courier.

May be i will get my passport tomorrow or day after tomorrow...hope visa is issued

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