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Can i bring my spouse after i got EAD?

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Hi Guys,

I am single now,but i have applied for I485 and EAD. Can i bring my spouse after i got my EAD? if yes what is the process?

Thanks in advance for your time.



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It matters if you use the EAD. Applying for the EAD or getting it doesn't change your status.

If you don't use the EAD, you would still be in whatever status you were before, e.g., H1. In that case, the spouse can come on H4.

If you use the EAD, you are not on H1 anymore, and there is no way for the spouse to enter.

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Well, I take it, your spouse is a fully grown adult, so no, you can't "bring" her/him. S/he will have to come her/himself. And just as any adult who enters the country legally, s/he will need some sort of immigration status granted. That may be a dependent status like H4, F2, J2, L2 or others (the principal will have to maintain status) or an independent status, like F1, H1, etc. There is no information in your question that would indicate which status your spouse may be eligible for.

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your question doesnt make much sense as there isnt much information.

just to response to your curiousity..NO you cannot bring your spouse if you have your EAD.

Of course one can, if one hasn't used the EAD, and is still in a status that allows for visas for dependents, e.g., if the person is in H1 status, the spouse can get an H4.

Only when the EAD is used, then the person would no longer be in H1 status, and the spouse wouldn't be able to get an H4.

Use of the EAD is the issue, not merely having an EAD.

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