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H1 amendment and travelling to India on same client

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HI one and all-

I am visiting India soon. I would greatly appreciate if someone can help my query.

1. I changed my job from company A to company B(headquarted in US) and my H1 transfer/extension was filed by company B for Union in NJ state. so all the paperwork was given for NJ for client C while filing my h1 transfer papers


In one week after i joined, my client C wanted me to travel to Arizona permanently and hence i moved to Arizona.

B gave me LCA for Phoenix, AZ but didnt apply for H1 amendment.

Now at POE, will it create an issue if IO asks for H1 amendment.

As far as i know- If i am transferred for same client from location E to location F, i dont need an H1 amendment filed.

I can get Client letter for Phoenix location .

Can someone pls help me.

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forget everything and file an amendment and lca for the new location.

if u are selected in the random audit,they will find that u are not in the location of your approved h1b petiiton and this location is different.this is enought to revoke ur h1b petition.

whover siad that u dont an amendment is an absolutely dumb.

Ask your B to file an amendment.

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