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Questions for I-140 & I-485 Stage

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My category is EB2 so the date is current for me so after my premium processing of I-140 which my lawyer says takes 15 days I will apply for the I-485. I was curious about a few things if anyone has any experience with this please share. If a lawyer can share that would be good too.

  1. Exactly when does H1 stop? Is it when the I-140 or I-485 is approved or when the GC actual is received in the mail? My H1 is with Employer A and my PERM is done by Employer B so I was curious when I can stop working for Employer A with whom I currently have H1.
  2. How soon can one change a job after the GC arrives? I will not be applying for EAD because my date is current.
  3. How long does the I-485 take for approval?
  4. After the I-485 is approved how long will it take for GC to come in the mail?

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1. When you stop H1 extention filing. Nothing to do with I140 or I485 filing.

2. It is your interest.

3. It is again case to case and more over visa numbers should be available.

4. May be 2 to 3 weeks.

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Thanks for the info. I ask about the H1 ending date because I will get my GC before my H1 expires. I just wanted to figure out when stop my job with employer A with whom I have my H1 and when to start working for employer B who is filing my PERM.

My date as per visa bulletin is current.

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