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Checking case status legality

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Hmm... are you just typing in consecutive numbers into the system? If so, check the rules of the site use.

If you just know some other people's numbers, I would assume the privacy expectation was forfaited when they gave you those.

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Is it legal to check status of cases which do not belong to you?

USCIS has a number check...it will store your first number which is obviosuly yours and when you do a check on other's cases, you are caught! ;)

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uscis does not have enough time to process the applications.

they dont have time for this non sense.

its like u are getting info as which number is being processed.no privacy is broken.

well checking a thousands of numbers takes u no where.these are random numbers with no personal info attached to it.all it says is the type of applcation and the date and status.it does not link to anyone.its similar to a random clinical trial they use in research.every person is assigned a random number so that no one make sense of the data or realte it to a person.the only people who can make sense out of it are the person to whom the number belongs and USCIS.for anyother person its nothing but garbage.talking about privacy makes no sense atleast in this situation.

i am not saying to do it,but suggesting that it would be useless as most of the analysis we make makes no sense considering the randomness of uscis approvals.

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Personally agree with maverick_gc.

But why you would do that (if it of you or ur dependents) ??

Keep it simple, be concerned with your own work !!

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