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Do we need Itinerary or invitation letter for Canadian travel visa

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Hello all,

I am planning to go to Canada for stamping later this year and would like to know if we need to provide them with the Itinerary or Visa appointment with US letter to the canadian consulate to get the travel visa. Please let me know as I am planning to submit my documents in April. I am not sure when I am going to travel to Canada so would not be able to provide any specific dates to the canadian embassy.


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Yes for a visitor visa to canada.. There is column asking about ur travel purpose and where will u be going .. you can mention the consulate name ... but if you mention it they will expect you to have a copy of visa slot you booked at the consulate.. but if u say ur visiting a frnd they will ask his/her location and letter from ur frnd that he invited u for so and so occassion or u can say a visitor and then will ask u about the motel address ur going to stay..


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flight ticket is optional but say you r travelling by road... and for sure the place ur going to visit and place of staying

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This link has list of all docs required:


You wouldnt need: Statutory Declaration of Common-law Union [iMM 5409]

Once you fill all this, have these handy:

US Bank statement showing enough funds to stay in Canada

Copy of US Visa - Legal immigrant status for US

Return ticket to USA

Money order for 75$...

Lotta people think we need multiple entry Visa wherein all we need is single entry visa (75$). If you are not going to any other country and only US, you can use the same visa:

Ref: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/applications/guides/5256ETOC.asp#single

  • Single Entry: allows you to enter Canada only once during the validity of the visa.
    Note: This visa may also be used for repeated entries into Canada from the USA or St. Pierre and Miquelon provided you do not enter any other country. Such entries must occur within the time validated for your stay in Canada.

If applying in New York, simply walk in to the Canadian embassy with these docs and have glue or Stappler handy to stick the photo to the form... Give the Visa and collect it next day...

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Everything h1 wizard told you was correct... but in my view take a multiple entry visa to be on safe side.. here is how it helps.. lets say you are in canada and if u got a 221 g by chance.. u never know how long it takes ..some case it might be done in 2 weeks but in some cases 2 months may be more.. so you cant wait spending all the money or lets says u have a situation wwhere u need to go to India.. then you can go the embassy in Canada where u applied for stamping .. ask them for u passport and go to India and wait there until u get a response from embassy saying that ur 221 g is cleared and drop ur passport for the stamping.. once u get that u can fly back from India to canada since u have a multiple canada visa ... and get Ur passport stamped ... but if u don't have multiple visa then either u have to stay in canada until the process is done.. or go to India and wait and then apply for single visa again to canada to get stamped or u have to with draw ur petition in canada embassy and go for stamping in India.. better to have a multiple entry visa ....than a single entry which is only a diff of 75$

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I did not include any travel related documents.

For the section where they ask for the "Person / Organization" you will be visiting in Canada, I gave my friends' details but you can also fill that up with the US Embassy details.

Some people did that.

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@raaj786 - I agree. Never thought of it that way...

I got my Canada Visa today and they gave me a hard time stating they need a reference letter from my employer (god knows why)... Emailed the letter and had to rush with the hard copy...

Anyways - got the visa stamped...

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I need little help with regards to Travel itinerary document as below website is providing ,however just wanted to know can I use them as Travel itinerary document?



Well website provided  travel doc (flight itinerary) which has PNR number and its validity is 5-6 days,and they said its on hold.

Edited by MurthyAdmin

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