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Interview on March 26

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I need accommodation. I have my interview on 29th march. i will be landing in vancouver on 28th march(wed). I dropped you an email.

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As I am writing this I am extremely happy to say that I got my Visa @Vancouver. Vancouver I guess is the place to be for desis.

March 24:

Was in a big dilemma whether to go to visa or not . I know I was taking a very big risk.Finally after lots of dilly dallying my friends

words got into my head and went for stamping.

I did land into Canada The immigration had stopped maybe the reason I was too tired and lacked sleep.

Questions @canada immigration:

why are you in canada

If you are previous visa expired how come you are in US?( I guess this person no nothing abt i-797 and how h1 works)

How long you are planning to stay?

what if your visa is rejected? ( this question stunned me)

finally after answering these questions she made me wait for 10 min finally gave my passport back.

And it was almost 2 am I reached Days Inn

Enquired in Days Inn how is the visa situation

They replied back by saying its real good people from texas are coming to get visa stamped this lifted my spirits.

March 25:

slept like a log after a tiring flight Woke up to see one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Vancouer

Took a 3 mile walk mountains covered with snow and in between rivers US border on 1 side and canadian border on other.

Went to nearby Indian restaurant had decent food.

came back and prepared for the interview.

March 26:

Early morning jitters: As usual on the visa day had few gitters. Spoke to India and listened to devotional songs this helped a lot gave confidence.stepped out of rooom @9:30 for 10:30 slot.

weather was cold and didnt take jacket with me this turned out to be a big mistake.

Had to wait for 3 long hours in cold. If I let a turtle down there even it would have covered more ground then me when I was in the queue for each person 2 steps was probably 15 min.

Into the consulate:

Counter 1 on 2nd floor takes your I-797 with your passport and gives it back to you with at token number.

when token is called they take you to 20th floor.

here counter 3: takes your finger prints and they ask you to sit down for the interview.

counter 4 was closed today

counter 5 person calls my number : was shivering till then because of cold.

Here is the interview

Myself:Good afternoon

(with loud voice)

VO: Good afternoon.

Me: How are you doing today

VO: Not bad what abt u?

Me: Doing Great .

VO: Looked at I-797 how long have you been working with employer

ME: X years

VO: For whom you are working now clients name

ME: XXXX Clinet name

VO: IS employer and client in same location

Me: No

VO: Who was your previous client


VO:Where did your Masters from

ME: XXXX university.

Thats it Your visa has been approved and you will get it in 3 business days at the max.( Golden words)

Felt like in heaven,


Be very confident. Have a smile on your face. Visa is yours.....:)

reach out to me if you have more questions.

Special thanks to murthy forums and its followers.

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