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Visa approved - Vancouver - March 13th

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Hi all,

Just got my visa approved. It is a first time H1B (F1 to H1) - EVC model. The interview was pretty simple and it lasted for about 5-10 mins. My slot was at 10 AM and I reached there by 9:30 and was out by 11:10.

These were the questions that I was asked.

How are you doing?

Is your employer ABC?

What do you do for them? (While answering this, I happened to mention my client name)

Do you have the end-client letter?

Did you go to ABC university?

When did you graduate?

Where is your employer located?

Where is your end-client located?

How long have you been working for them? (It wasn't clear if he was asking about the client or the employer so I told him both)

So, before that you used to work for a different end-client?


Where is it located?

He then told me that my visa is approved and gave me the sheet with information for tracking my passport.

Please let me know if you have any questions, will be glad to help!



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hi Shruti,

Congrats on your Visa. You had endclient letter ? .

I have question I am working in EVC model for a financial client throug TopVendor in US. End client is not able to give letter, as it is financial client. But I am getting vendor letter and he says he can give me letter saying that I am working for them not for client as it is an SOW project without mentioning Client name in the letter. Will this work for my stamping ...

FYI this for F1--H1

Thanks .

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Congrats Shruti!!!!

The client during your H1 petition and client at the time of stamping are the same?

Planning to go for first time stamping with my spouse whose H4 already got stamped.My spouse H4 should get stamped as H4 visa was expired.

My H1 petition was approved for 1yr and then extended for 2yrs.

H1 first time stamping, H4 second time stamping.

Trying to gather as much information as possible.

Can you provide your contact email, if you could.


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Hi Shruti, Congrats for the visa approval. I have a question. do you know in how many days we get the passport with visa stamped after approval. And is that, same in all the US embassy in Canada. I am planning to go to Toronto in last week of April. Can you please provide me the details.

Thanks in Advance.


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Hi Shruthi,

Are they not asking about the employee-employer relationshsip? Did your client letter say anything like..your employer controls your work etc? Would it be possible for you to provide your email id? I am also on EVC model and I have my appointment on April 10.

Thanks in advance.



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Yes, I did have the end-client letter. The VO took it but did not even look at it while I was there.

I am assuming you should be fine with mentioning your Vendor as your client.


I just told them I work as a Programmer Analyst at ABC client and described about my project in brief.


The clients are different during H1 filing and stamping.

You can email me at shrutik167@gmail.com


In Vancouver, normally you get it in 2 business days i.e., if your interview is on day 1, you get the email from DHL on the evening of day 2 and it can be picked up on the morning of day 3. Not sure about other consulates but I guess it should be the same.


They did not ask me specifically about employer-employee relationship. My client letter did mention that my employer controls my work, pay etc. but the VO did not even look at the letter. You can email me at shruti167@gmail.com


Thanks a lot!!

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hi shruthi.....congrats on your visa.....

can you please let me know if we need to take any visa application fee along with us to the consulate? or is it the same MRV fee we already paid during DS-160 application process?

do we need to make any additional payments at the consulate on the day of interview?

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