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PERM appeal rejected by BALCA..Need your urgent help

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Hello All,

My PERM denial appeal was finally rejected by BALCA last week. Unfortunately they did not go through the merit of the case since original appeal was not made in timely fashion (beyond 30 days).

I am in a situation here.

My 7th year of H1 extension expires in next two weeks and extension for 8th year is also filed last week only.

I wanted to know as to whether there are any chances of my H1 extension going through in the view of recent BALCA denial.

Also with just few days remaining on my H1, is there any possibility of getting it transferred to new employer. If so, what would be basis of such transfer since new employer has not yet filed any PERM for me.

Murthy attorneys and experts on this forum, I would highly appreciate your help and advice with this one.

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