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Canada visa stamping in LA

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Is there any way to expedite the TRV application. If I visit the consulate and ask them to process my already mailed application, will they do it.

I don't know about TRV. But you can postpone your interview for some days.

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Hi ppl,


I have an USA Masters MBA degree and I work in the EVC model. I don't have any client letter since its against their policy to provide one. Also seems like the primary vendor through which I am with Client is going to get changed in another 3 months time frame replaced by a new vendor. And I have my wedding on Feb during which I have to go to India. I am thinking of going to Canada and get it stamped so that I can be in peace of mind when I go for my wedding. Pls suggest the possibilities and the risk in getting 

the stamping done in Canada. I have read few of these responses in this forum which suggests getting a Visa from Canada is much better. 


Moreover how long does the Canadian consulate take to return your  passport with a stamping. Also I read it somewhere, if Canadian Consulate decides to not give you Visa at that time, can you still enter US???


Any help in this matter would be highly appreciated thanks in advance




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I am staying in US on L1B visa but my visa and i797 is already expired but I have valid I94 which I got when I entered US. Do I can apply Canada work permit from US?



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Can I go to Canada for change of visa status stamping from f1 to h4,

My stamping on the passport is expired but I do have legal document I797 to stay in USA. on my passport I have h4 visa stamp, which has expired,, and I didn't travel after that.

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