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April 2012 Visa Bulletin

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Except that they may have retracted the recording, since it isn't there right now.

You need to wait for the actual updates on the website.

And btw, the website says that the recording is usually updated in the middle of the month...

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if cumulative demand prior to jan 1 2012 pd is only 50, why did they not move dates more?

Since two quarters are already over for fy2012, in the last 2 qtrs, they would want to use the numbers.

numbers of eb2 available/ month for india = 2800/12, right?

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here it is - April 2012 visa bulletin

ROW China India Mexico Philippines EB1 c c c c c EB2 c 05/01/2010 05/01/2010 c c EB3 04/08/2006 03/01/2005 09/01/2002 04/08/2006 04/08/2006 EW 04/08/2006 04/22/2003 09/01/2002 04/08/2006 04/08/2006

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another website has interesting explanation of why the numbers stalled. May be dos and uscis are not talking to each other regarding the 485 demand data.

guess what happened during the last time there was poor communication other wise known as july 07 fiasco.

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