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First time H1B Stamping

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Hello All,

I got my first H1 approved for 1yr 3months with desi compny and started from Oct 2011. and now recently got full time and transffered my H1 and got 3 years.

My question: Is that i need to compulsory go to India for the first time stamping or i can go to Canada ( Toronto).

I heard that i need to go to India for the first time stamping. Is that right?

Plzzz help



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Yes it is always better to go to home country for visa stamping. I heard that first time stamping should be in the home country, you are saying that you are working for desi company, there are lot of chances that you may end up getting administrative proessing. My suggestion is, if it is very imp go for stamping otherwise look for full time position and then go for visa stamping. These days it is good to do full time. See the topics in these forum, people who are working on Ec or EVC model, they are getting 221g. Some people are successfully cmg back but the rate is less.

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  1. Your source of truth should be the website of the US embassy/consulate. Use that in conjunction with what you've heard
  2. I've done my stamping twice int Vancouver (the last one was this year). The website says something to the effect that you are advised (note Advised; it is not compulsory) to do the stamping in your home country because staff in your home country are in a better position to interpret degrees/certificates you intend to show (unless your degree is from a US university)
  3. Search through the forum to find experiences of people who did their stamping in Canada or another border country

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