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Canada/Ottawa F1-H1B stamping rejection?

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I have been reading this forum for about H1-B stamping in Canada for few days now and haven't read about denials until now, although many got 221g....but eventually got the H1-B stamp. I wanted to know if any one heard/got rejected in Ottawa or Canada in general. I want to track this so that others can learn from this experience and prepare their documentation accordingly.

If you or someone you know got a denial during stamping, it will be really helpful to everyone on this forum, if you can share and answer the following questions.

1 Date of Interview, Location?

2. Full - Time, Employer - Client, or Employer - Vendor - Client Model?

3. What did u answer to the question, "who manages/assigns your work at Client Site?", if you are not Full-Time.

4. Any specific reason for denial?

5. Questions asked in the interview, if you remember the specifics.

6. What are you doing now?

7. Any other information that you would want to share to help others out.

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