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"As far as H1B is concerned it is approved but your case will require further administrative processing"

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I had my visa interview today (Feb 22nd, 2012) at Hyderabad. The VO said that "as far as H1B is concerned it is approved but your case will require further administrative processing" ( these were his exact words). This is how the interview went:

He asked where I work. I informed him that I work at FedEx Services. He asked me if FedEx is my employer. I said yes ( I am working as FT employee). He then asked me about my job title, asked me to describe my job job duties, where I did my masters from, in which field, asked for my W-2 ( thats the only document he asked!) and asked about my salary. After listening to all the answers he told me my case would require further administrative processing. He then added dont worry as far as H1B is concerned it's approved but your case will require further administrative processing. He then asked me for my email id and told that he was sending me an email with a questionnaire. He asked me to fill up the questionnaire and send it back as soon as possible and that the processing will start as soon as they recieve the filled up questionnaire. He added it might take 2-3 weeks to complete the processing

After saying that he gave me the white 221(g) form ( he didnt specify any case number on that form) and showed me an email address on that form and said that if you dont receive any email in next 5 days send an email to that email ID. He ticked the box against that statement which says about the email address and stuff. Seeing that there was no case number on that form I asked what should I include if I want to email , will I get any case number or something like that - he said just include the passport number. I then asked if he would require further documents from my side. He said no - passport is fine.

When I came back and checked now, the email has a questionnaire which asks general details about me, my family, my sponsor and stuff. Along with the questionnaire it asks me to send these:

You MUST also attach the following:

A complete CV/resume and a complete list of publications and professional/research references. CV/resume should be submitted in text (*.txt) format. If you are retired, you MUST still include a CV/resume listing your past work and any part-time work since retirement.

A scanned copy of the invitation letter from the organization/university that you will meet or attend. The letter should be saved and sent as an Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) file.

You may scan and attach supplementary material if needed, such as invitation letters, transcripts and research papers. Supplementary materials should be saved and sent as Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) files.

Failure to follow these instructions will substantially delay and may prevent the administrative processing of your application.

You must include your passport number and Case Number in the subject line of all e-mails.

So my questions now:

1. Did anyone else also have same/similar experience? Does anyone know who had same/similar experience?

2. Why did he not give a case number on the white 221g form? The email says that I need to include case number and passport number in the subject line of the emails.

3. Is it because of a common muslim name ( My last name is Mohammad)? Some of my friends were saying that it might be because of it.

4. How long generally does these kind of cases take?

5. What does the "scanned copy of the invitation letter from the organization/univeristy that you will meet or attend" mean? In my case ( as I am working) can I send my offer letter and a letter from my company?

6. What supplementary material would be appropriate in my case. I can send transcripts but I donot have any research papers. I have a paper which I presented in a conference. Can I send it? Apart from these two documents what else would I need to send? Do I need to send I-797A, LCA and other stuff?

His words that H1B has been approved makes me believe that it shouldn't be a problem. But we never know in these kind of cases - do we?

Really appreciate taking the time out to read this and reply with ur suggestions. Thanks in advance.

I will update my case as soon as I hear anything from them.

-Sohail Mohammad

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Asak Brother,

Recently my wife attend H4 interview in Hyderabad she got same questionnarie.we gave response after 15 days her visa got approved.Dont worry within 2-3 weeks you will get visa stamped(inshallah).



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dont worry much, now a days it is common to all muslim guys with names(syed,ahmed,khan,shaik,mohamadh)

I went to chennai last week, same thing happened to me, they have not sent any email, Collected my information in other counter there itself

usually this process may take 2-3 months, now a days it has become faster doing in 4 weeks

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This is Osman,

I suffered the same issue on 3rd Feb 2012. Still awaiting a responce from US embb Hyderabad.

FYI - I am a fulltime with a reputed employer.

Sohail, please keep me or us posted about your issue.

Inshallah with khair, our visa gets approved soon.

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I have the same issue. I have a Muslim last name(Mohammed). Attended the interview in Chennai on Feb, 23rd, 2012. Have not heard anything from them yet. Case stills says pending on the VFS website. It has been 6 months. Anyone else in the same situation as me? Please reply. They have kept my passport and have not asked for any additional documents after the interview.

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