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221gBlue Chennai EVC-->EC Model

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Following is the details of my Visa Stamping wait

My Profile:F1-->H1B

First Visa Interview(Kolkatta Counsulate)--EVC Model

Here is how my interview went

EVC Model

ME:GoodMorning officer

VO:Hello GM

VO:Pass on the folder plz

ME:Handed over the folder

VO:Sir,who is your petetioner


VO:will you be working at client location


VO:Who is the client


VO:Where is it located


VO:Do you have a vendor in between

ME:Yes preffered vendor

VO;I dont see it in uscis letter

ME:Yes,they are not part of my work,every vendor has to go through the preffered vendor as clients policy

VO:Sir I am unable to issue your at this moment,all your profile looks good and no issues with that,I am writing the same in your records you can either go for a new petetion or wait to amend this petetion once its back to uscis(Kept all the petetioner documents and returned my passport)

Now I changed to my prime vendor and applied for my H1B,Got approved in 1 month and went for visa yesterday at chennai consulate .Here is how it went

EC model

VO:Hello gm

ME:Hello sir very good morning

VO:Pass on the folder plz

ME:Passed the folder

VO:Sir is this the first time you are going to usa through H1B

ME:I was already working in H1B over there.I transferred my petetion now and will be working for new employer

VO:Who is your new employer


VO:Where is it located


VO;Do you work at client location

ME:Yes I will be working at client location

VO:Who is your client


VO:Handed my I-797 back to me

VO:Where is it located

ME Answered -20 Miles from my client location

VO:What is your higher study

ME:Masters in xxx Eng from Univ of mmm

VO:What you do for the client


VO:What is your employer gonna pay u


VO:Do you have client letter

ME:Yes,Passed on teh same

VO:HE looked into the entire letter,when did you join the current company

ME:Recently, this is my new petetion (My mistake probably since I am yet to join this company when I reach US)

VO:Sir we have some admin processing to do in your case and it may take 2-3 weeks time.

ME:Will you be needing any documentation for this

VO:Let me check(took out 221 green,ticked the contract aggrement and said plz be seated for 2 min)


VO:Sir,I will need to do some admin processing in your case(gave me a 221g blue mentioning aap with no other documents checked but rounded off VFS centers and DS160,Photo to be submitted later),we dont need any documentation right now.It will take 2-3 weeks to process your case ,after that you can contact us for status update.Once processing is done you may need to submit DS160 with a photo and if needed your passport


VO:Thank you,Have a good day

ME:Thank you

Experts can you please suggest the probability of getting my case approved.

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@VisaBlues, I have just gone through your case. all I can say is to wait..

Here are some more details of my case, hope it helps

Class H1 Extension - New Employer (My intial extension petition with my employer got denied eventhough I was working and my i-94 also got expired in the process. My old employer reapplied and then I got an RFE on that. It was 3 weeks past my I-94 expiration, and I had to requrn back. Filed a new petion with a new employer and then got the H1 approved, went for visa and had an admin processing on it. Now you know my status, just submited my passport along with other documents.

It was quite an ordeal, but the only good thing was my client did allow me to work remotely during this process. I am hoping to have the visa isssued now without any new problems..

As mentioned in my other posts, My interview was not a smooth ride(unlike my first F1 and F1 to H1 interviews, lasted few seconds literally) The first Visa officer, took all the details and asked me if I had a vendor in between, and if the vendor was mentioned in the letter to USCIS. My employer did mention it in the petition. He made me sit and said he is going to call me. But later another indian lady called me to a different counter and took all my details like, how long I was working in the US, at the client location, no if ppl working from my company at the client location and so on. Later she called up another VO and he started grilling me by asking the same questions (Right to control of work and no of ppl working at the client location) for about 10 times. other questions included, what tools u used, what is your work? How do your report to your employer, How are the processes at the client location, does your manager from the employer work at the client site?

I tired including all the details I could recollect off. Let me know if you need any additional information.

all the best!!

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