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How to respond in interview in case of multiple clients?- FTE

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I have been reading through different experiences from the Murthy forums a lot recently. However I was unable to find a conclusive answer to my case.

I am a full-time employee for a software firm based in USA. Our company provides software solutions/services to lots of clients. As a part of my work, we build and maintain web environments for various clients at our own data center. And so I'm involved in projects related to multiple clients at the same time.

Some environments are shared environments (where multiple client applications are some times built and maintained on the same box). I do not report to any of the clients directly. My manager assigns me work and controls my assignments while I report to him. I'm planning to attend the visa interview shortly.

Now looking at various posts in this forum, I'm not sure how to answer a VO's question: Please explain your work or do you work for a client?

None of the clients were mentioned in my LCA or work description in offer letter. However my work location is at my firm's office location mentioned in LCA and h-1b filing documents.

I'm not sure if my case falls into EC model. It would be very helpful if someone could throw some light on what would be the best way to respond for the employment questions related to my case.

Thanks and Good luck everyone.

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you should metion that you are Full time employee of XYZ company and you work at company's site and headquater and NOT at client site...

clients pay fees to use your companys products and services..

you work for company and company makes and sells software

Be firm when you say you work with company and at companys office

Period nothing about client side and all

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