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Can we travel to india when H1B extension is in process?

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My I94 is valid till mid-July. I have to travel to India in the first week for April.

My employer is too slow. He still has not filed for my extension and he may do it next week. We are doing premium processing.

If my H1B approval does not come before 1st week of April can I still go to India ?

I do not have my previous original H1B stamped too.

So I have to go for stamping.

How many days in advance should I take the interview date ?

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If you are doing premium processing you are likely to recive approval by april, if you are working full time and not cosulting....

If you do not receive approval, You should NOT travel, because then your extension of stay cannot be granted since you are outside the US and you will have to go thru consular processing.....

To take the date, you will need approved petition information so you need to wait

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If you are filing extension in premium processing the definately you will get an approval before April first week, you should schedule visa interview one you recive approved petition in your hand, and it also depends on the avaibility of dates with consulate as well as to your travel plan.

Yes you can go to india any time but to come back you need a approved petition to get a visa stamp on your passport.

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Hey, Dont know what is happening in Indian consulates. Dont come to India now.

Your I-94 expire in july, not yet filed for extension. Hey very difficult to get visa.

Many poeple got struck up in India since 3 years. More than 2 times h1b rejected.

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