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Paid for H-1B

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My wife changed jobs recently and the new employer asked us to pay for the H-1B transfer. We did (actually, I did from my bank account), not knowing that we were not required to. Due to a significant mismatch in job description and actual work (not to mention unreasonable expectations), she is now going to H-4 based on my H-1B visa. The petition was filed a few days ago.

We found out recently that we did not have to pay for the H-1B visa. The employer is refusing to repay the H-1B visa fees unless she signs some kind of a document that says he is terminating her, which cannot be further from the truth. What options do we have? Can we report him? Are there consequences for us because we actually paid the fees ourselves?

This is one of those things we wish we had done some more research on before writing the check.

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Thanks, but what are the consequences for us?

The consequences are that you would hopefully get your money back...

You have rights in this country...

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I have the similar situation. My employer said he would pay half and make me sign a paper saying I agree to pay the half. At that time I thought it would be around 1200 dollars but he included the lawyer fees as well and the amount he says is around 2400 dollars.....I have to pay that amount even if USCIS denies it :(

What can I do???

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