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H4 query in Mumbai - Documents submitted

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My wife appeared for H4 visa(Mumbai) in Dec and received 221g requesting documents from employer and my side.

I have submitted all the requested documents on 17th Jan. I am working on genuine in-house project(my company is into consulting with lot of direct clients and also doing projects, not a typical consulting/body shopping. lot of Americans works in my office) .

In 2010 i have moved to this company. with my old company in 2008 i don't have paystubs for 4 months(i cam to US in APR 2008).

Started my pay from Sep 2008 and till today i have all the paystubs and W2s for all the years. (submitted everything to consulate).

Will this trigger any issue as it's been 4yrs back with my old company.

It's been 3 weeks now and didn't hear anything.

i know there is no time frame after submitting documents. Any comments or want to hear from someone who is in similar situation


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There is No garuntee on how soon you will hear back from them.... As long as your company is genuine and you have paystubs with current company and everything with current company is fine... you should be good.

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There shouldn't be any issue with the 4 yrs back company.

Since you submitted all your documents, stay cool.

hopefully in a week or two you will get some response.

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It might take 2 months+ at least, try to contact local senator. But do not expect action from them, the good thing is if its Mumbai you will get proper status from them.

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Thanks to all of you for the response...

2 chitown01

i have submitted pay stubs(about 35 of them since 3 1/2 yrs) and W2 of past 4yrs.

my current company is good financially and submitted all the required documents ... from my end my exp. letters(i have 12 yrs in IT), edu. evaluation, letter from the client stating this project is doing by my company at our location and these are my duties.

i am desperately waiting for positive response. missing my 14months old kid(he is a US citizen)...

Thanks to all again.

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