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What is I129 and LCA

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This may be silly, but would like to what is LCA and I129.

And also would like to know what model mine is

My employer ABC has a contract with client XYZ.

I will be working at client location. Client pays hourly and I get monthly salary.

Please advise.

Thank you

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These are parts of the H1 application.

LCA = Labor Condition Application

I-129 = H1 application

Your employer would handle these things. The employer is required by law to give you a copy of the LCA when you start working for the employer on H1.

Your work model would be EC: Employer - Client.

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I-129 is the petition for non imigrant worker i.e H1 petition

LCA is labor condition application, which certifies that prospective employee is getting paid higher than prevailing wage in that metropolitan area

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The I-129 is the USCIS form that the employer files for a non-immigrant worker/

In this instance, LCA means Labor Condition Application and should not be confused with a PER Labor Certification which is used for an IMMIGRANT worker and will be used to supposrt an I-140.

Your case may have "other issues" as to demonstrating an employer-employee relationship.

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Generally, an I-129 is a USCIS nonimmigrant visa form and the LCA is the Labor Certification Application from the Department of Labor. Both are included in an H1B petition filed with USCIS. For additional questions relating to your specific circumstances please contact a qualified U.S. immigration attorney directly.

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