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H1 B transfer and RFE on client letter

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Dear All,

I really appreciate for the kind of support you give!!

I started working for company B 2011which is a very big firm from 28 Nov after receiving the receipt number.

Company B filed the H1 b transfer case on 22 Nov 2011 in premium by specifying the client details whose location is in GA Atlanta. On 30 Nov 2011 and we got a RFE asking to prove client relationships. But due to various reasons they lost the project and they don’t have any documents to prove this.

On 17th Jan 2012, I got new project in NY; right now I have sow, manager’s letter and LCA of client in NY. Next week my immigration team is trying to respond with these documents where the client is different from 1-129.

I know there is high risk of denial, I informed to my company and they are ready to re-file with specifying the new client details depending on reason of denial

Could you please let me know

  1. % of chance of denial
  2. If incase of denial what would be the options I will have
  3. In case of re-file do I have to leave the country,
  4. I have valid i-94 till June 2014 and Company B is paying me properly

Please reply me I am dying with tension…

Thanks and Regards,


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