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H1B Visa Approved with DUI in Chennai - But didn't receive passport yet.

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Hi All,

I'm starting a new thread to discuss about my situation here. All your suggestions are very much valuable to me.

Below are the details of my case.

-> I got a DUI in october -2011 ( first time offence)

-> Paid all the fines , completed license suspension period of a month and required programs.

-> Attended H1-B visa interview on Jan-04-2012 in Chennai.

-> I mentioned about DUI conviction on DS-160

-> VO did ask me any thing about DUI at all. He just asked me about my employment.

-> based on what i heard about DUI cases. i was expecting that VO would ask me to medical examinations and also a 221G

-> But not sure if i got lucky , VO didnt ask anything about DUI and mentioned that my Visa is approved and i will get my visa in business days. ( thought , i got lucky)

-> However, i haven't received my passport till date. its already been almost 4 weeks.I have already started to get worried about it now.

Does any one of you heard of similar situation like ..Visa Officer saying that visa is approved, but not receiving the passport for weeks together.

please help me out with your valuable suggestions.


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Why don't you call the vfs office and check the status of your passport. you don't need to mention about dui to them. just tell them your interview date and visa approval.

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Contact VFS office... there r times when VO say it is approved and then the application gets stuck in admin processing.... They will inform you if they are issuing you a 221 g or holding for admin processing.

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I have contacted them number of times. Everytime i call them , i was asked by them if i was issued any 221G and i said no. Then i have been told that may be they must be doing some kind of admin verification like employment verification and i will contacted if any documents are required.

What would be the average waiting time in these kind of situations.


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Hi kkp1238, Did you received your passport? Please let me know when you have received your passport.

nope nari123. i haven't received my passport yet.

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i am also in the same situation as kkp1238.

had my interview on 21feb at chennai, VO kept the passport sayin visa approved. But on 28feb i got a mail having 221g blue form asking to submit extra docs nd to go thro the panel of doc.

Submitted all docs on 1st March , havent heard anything from the embassy yet. Mine was not DUI but public drunk case in 2009.

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