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H1B transfer without Stamping

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Hi Friends,

Need your advice in my case :

Came to US on L1B in 2008, from Indian giant IT company ,

new L1B stamped in India ( instead of extension) in 2010 valid till 2013 ,

same company filed H1B in 2011 and got i797A approval notice ( with i-94) with validity till 2014.

Now, I am planning to join local consultancy or another Indian IT company here in US fro GC But have few concerns :

1 : Is it better to get H1b visa stamped from India from same company in passport before H1b transfer to new company , looking to the current cases of many H1b rejections or delay in passport delivery !

2: Also, my wife is on H4 now but her stamping also not done. L2 stamping in passport currently.

3: Or is it okay to H1B transfer from Indian IT companies only , Local consultant may have few issues while stamping.

FYI, I need to travel India for 2 weeks in October, 2012.

Thanks in advance for your inputs.

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If you plan to transfer to desi consulting company then good luck with approval, now a days uscis is very strict on them and does NOT approve petition that easily + even if they do they will approve for 1 year only...

If you go out for stamping with desi employer... you will surely get 221 g and chances of rejection are way tooo high

Your callll...

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Thanks,Chitown01, for your inputs. Does anyone else agree with Chitown01 ? or any other thoughts ?

Also, I am planning to join another IT giant company .. like ***,***... will that be safe or still same risk ?

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Gaint desi IT companies have problems of their own.... ******* is already on US govt radar for visa violations and allll .... Be careful

Good Luck !!

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