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FTE working for large company...additional docs required?

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I work as Full time employee with a large US company (1.5 Billion USD in revenue and 6000+ employees). I need to go for H1b visa stamping in India. I have read in forums that consulates sometime ask for these documents-

1. Petitioner's Federal Tax returns for last 2 years.

2. List of all employees showing immigration status, job title, start date, salary, etc.

3. W2 of all employees in last one year

4. State Unemployment wage reports (These are forms filed with state for last 3 qrtrs showing wages paid to all employees).

5. Photos of employer's office building / work site.

Do I need to carry the above documents, considering the large size of my employer? It may not be easy to obtain all this documentation...

Please advise asap.

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The list you provided above is usualy asked for desi consulting employers

if u are full time at a good company they wont ask for such details... only for shady consulting compaines

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If it is such a large compay then the chances are really less and it is not practical to get those docs.Just carry the necessary docs from the company which proves your employment and some project related docs .Before you proceed any further, ask your other collegues who are FTE's with this company and went for stamping.

Be confident.There shouldn't be any issues in your case.

Good Luck.

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