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Employer address change : Moving work location / building

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  • I am working as a full time employee with a company of around 800 - 1000 employees.


  • My LCA, I-797 & petition forms have the current building / location address as my work location


  • My employer is changing address by moving to a nearby building / shifting location.
  • Within 3 miles radius.


  • I need to go to India for H1B stamping (first time) in two months.


  • Does my lawyer need to file any LCA / H1B amendment for new address ?
  • Do I have to ask my lawyer to inform USCIS of the address change ?
  • DS 160 Form : What should I put as my work address here now as the address will be different than the one on my I797 form and LCA
  • Can any issues come up during H1B stamping ?

Please provide your valuable repsonses.

Thank you.

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Hi- I am in the exact same situation and going for stamping next month. Did u file an h1b ammendment or just went for the interview with the upadted lca? Can u please tell us how u r visa interview go? There is not a single thread on this forum where a full time employees employer had an address change. Please reply as this would be really helpful for a lot of full time people.

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