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Is my GC or future chance of Citizenship at risk if I leave my current employer?

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I am EB 3 ROW. My PD is Middle of March 2006

My 485 was submitted as part of the 2007 situation and my receipt date for that is Sept 2007

I have an EAD valid until until April 2013

I want to leave my current Employer and ideally work in the same field as a contractor for others or for myself. If I do so will I put my GC or future chance of Citizenship at risk?


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You may be eligible to use the AC21 clause

Ask your lawyer for help

Because the new field you intend to work is same as the basis for your 485 you may be safe

Remember that it may be safer to find an employer who will be willing to recruit you rather than trying to be self employed

As self employment and any related questions regarding it may make it be tougher to convince USCIS about your eligibility for AC21

Please note that it is still possible to try the self employed route but simply more complex to do so safely

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No. You can change your green card sponsorship (from your old employer to your new one or to yourself) under AC21. If you work in the same profession even if self-employed, you should be eligible.

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