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Successful Stamping @Ottawa, on Dec 11

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Today, I attended my Visa Stamping interview and it was Successfully Completed.

This is my First Time H1B Stamping F1-> H1

There was nothing much with my Interview but still let me tell you what VO has asked me

My Interview was at 8:00 am and I was there about 7:20 and I am the 4th or 5th person in the line before me there were CTS Couple who came for their H1 B Stamping and also there were two more guys I am sure that one person has got his visa but I am not sure about one lady who was the first in the Interview List.

Coming to the Visa Interview Questions

Vo: Good morning how are you

me : Good morning doing good

Vo: whom do you work for

me : I was a bit nervous and told him that my Client is xxxxxx and my Employer is yyyyyy

VO: Can you give me your offer letter

me : I was searching in my File and at last I found it and I submitted them

VO: HOW long have you been with your Employer

me : Since from xxxxxxx

me: I asked him do you want my Client and Vendor Letters

Vo : Yes

me : I have Submitted them.

me : Do you want me to tell me about my Client

Vo: NO, its Ok i got it

I thought may be he google about my Client and he might have got in that way.

mean while I was praying to God and thanks to God he listen to my Words

At last Vo : your Visa was approved, you may pick it up in 2 or 3 business days and gave me Passport Shipment Status form.

According to me Confidence and luck by God will work.

I don't know how long will it take to receive my Passport hope so in 2 or 3 days.

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hi Sai Raj,

Do you have any plans of driving back to US. We came by car and struck here so would be great if you have any such plans.

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Yeah, I am fine with driving back to US. While coming I came by Flight. I didn't receive my passport yet so waiting on that status update.

Let me know your email id we can discuss it Offline.

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Hi Sai,

Can you please give your email id where I can reach you or send test email to navr19@gmail.com, I have few questions..am about to go for canada first time visa stamping am on EC model.



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