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Successful Stamping in Ottawa - EVC

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Hello Everyone,

I am posting my experience a bit late as I've waited for my passport to arrive. My interview was on Dec 5th Monday. My appointment was at 9:30AM.

Chinese American called my token. Below are the excerpts from my interview.

1. How do you pronounce your Employer name.

2. Is their any vendor involved?

3. Who is your Vendor.

4. Who is your End Client

5. How long have you been working for this Client

6. How long is your contract with the client.

7. Where did you work prior working to the current client

8. Whom do you report to and his name.

9. Who is your client manager.

10. what is the role of your Vendor (VO said - There is a confusion here - if you are reporting to your employer what is this vendor doing?)

11. Can you give me what all documents and agreements you have with you.

12. How many employees with your employer

13. Where is your Employer located.

14. What's your client place and where do you work.

Finally VO said, Congrats Sir - Your Visa is Approved and gave me a white slip which explains on how to track the passport.

I've got an email the next day evening (Tuesday) saying Loomis Express has got my passport but not ready for the pickpup. On Wednesday morning I've got an email from US Consulate saying document is in transit and the status on the site updated saying 'Ready for Pickup'.

I picked up at 11:00AM on Wednesday and drove back to States.

We were total 6 attended interview on the same day (Dec 5th) and everybody got their visas. I was the only one who went to Chinese American who drills everybody but if you are confident enough on what you say he's is giving it.

That is it guys...

Good Luck to everyone.


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Hi Srinath,


What did you answered for this question "what is the role of your Vendor (VO said - There is a confusion here - if you are reporting to your employer what is this vendor doing?)


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Hi Kumar,

Whatever you say for that question - the outcome should be you report only to your employer and no body else. Vendor deals business b/w Client and Employer.

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