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EVC ! EVC!!! success.

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Hello my dear fellow readers ,

i just wanted to share my visa experience at Vanc, Canada . I would like to thank this "murthy" forum and give'em a big hug for putting up such a nice piece of work and it almost answered all my qsns prior to attending this interview thing. I gained a lot from reading this forum and thought i should share my experience.

It was too cold outside so better get a good jacket and stuff... if you plan to attend soon.

Details: Model EVC. US Degree..1st time F1->H1...

ME: hey!! how are you?

VO: goood thnx, how are you?

Me: I am doing good. Thanks.

VO: can I have the docs.( actually they bundle your passport+797+ds160 before you go to VO).

Me: Sure .

VO: So ..was chanting my company name XXXXXX..

VO: Do you work for XXXXX?

Me: Yes I do.

VO: whats your role in the company?

ME: xxxxxx

VO: How long are you with XXXXX?

ME : Y+ years..

VO: Do you work at their office???

ME: Nop.

VO: Is there any client involved?

ME: Yes there is one.

VO: whaat is it?

ME: xxxx...

he could n,t get the info on the client in google search...

VO: can you tell the location of client.

ME: xxxxx

VO: How do you maintain EE relationship????


VO: o0 hang on a sec...( 1/2 minute pause)

VO: srry my copmuter is too slow ,,, bear with me for a sec...

ME: I understand.

VO: Did you go to schoool in US.

ME: Yes I did.

VO: What school did you go to

ME : XXX univ,,,

VO: Your visa is approed.. wait for 3 days and........

Thats the end of it folks.. If you guys have any qsns i'll be happy to answer.

Hope,faith always helps;)

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HI ,

Congratulations....Thanks a lot for sharing your experience ,would be very helpful for future aspirants.

for question How do you maintain EE relationship???? ---whats the answer suits the best..i am seeing almost every EVC model candidate getting this question so any help in answering this is greatly appreciated..

and any general suggestions for EVC model candidates..

Thanks in advance

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helllo vinayak and sri,

thank you.

there is no tailor made answer for this qsn but following might be helpful .

i believe when your employer applies for H1 they have to mention in the application how he is going to maintain relationship with you going forward upon your case approval. In my case that's what i answered when asked, and that's true in fact . So my suggestion would be to not make up your answers, just be truthful to the V. O. ALWAYS... no matter what... period..!!!

hope this helps!!

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@faith_hope_love, I got your point to tht we should only tell facts. Not many Desi consultancies are aware of the EE relation and are working in the direction of it. It would help if u can share how the EE relationship is maintained by your employer when u are working at a client site. Hopefully your answers would help prospective employees.

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@faith_hope_love: Congrats on your visa !! But how do you know that the VO searched for your client on google search ? Are you able to see his computer screen?

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@forumman - VO searching in google is a trash.. They have their own reliable sources to depend on in case if they need any info. The point here is not where VO is searching about what you said, it's about how bold you are when replying to his questions..

About the Employer-Employee relationship, VO wants to make sure you are not a 'Managed Resource' for your client, which in turn answers the employer employee relationship.



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