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221G White form @hyd on Nov 22 - Additional Administrative Processing and Client Letter

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Hi All,

I have attended the H1B visa interview at Hyd on November 22nd ( withdrawn the first one in Chennai first). Sorry for the delay in posting.

Here are the Qns. Mine is an EC Model

pass me your passport and application form(DS-160)

1). What happened to your previous visa application?

2).So , you will be working for XXX? yes

3).where will you be working?

4). Who is your supervisor at Jobsite?

5). Is shefrom CGS? How long she has been working for XXX

6). Who is your client manager?

where is your employer located? NJ , both the employer and the client are about 12 miles from each other.

7). How many employees from XXX at the job site?

29 employees, our emlpoyer provides Custom software solutions to the


8). Pass me your USCIS letter, LCA, I-129

handed them

9). Do you have client letter?

No, the client doesn't provide client letter for consultants. It's

their policy

i have contracts/work order/exhibits.

9) Show me your work order.

Sorry, the work order will be generated once the drug test for me is

completed. But Since i am here , this was not given/generated.

10).Do you have any thing from client?

The on-boarding procedure and the exhibits i signed with the

end client as part of the master service contract (Non dislocsure of

Infromation,Benefits Waiver with the client)

VO after long typing , told me that " Your case requires additional

admininstrative processing" and we will get back to you after 2 weeks

after review/verification.

And Give me the white form(attached), with the case no,and gave me the

passport back, he told he might loose it.

I asked , do i need to submit any documents?


after that, I asked him again, are you looking for any specific document from me/my employer? Let me know

A Client Letter would be nice.

He did not even tick it, then i asked to tick it as my client will only give the letter if asked officially as an RFE. (Client's strange policy)

Then only he ticked it.

Client is now willing to give the letter, as it's their(legal and compliance dept) policy not to give letter consultants, unless officially requested by USCIS. Unfortunately, My H1B was approved without the client letter, where i was expecting an RFE for Client letter, so that i can go for stamping

Guys, What are my chances? How much time they take to process the white foms, in General? Will be submitting the client letter by next week as soon as i get it...

Anone else got the similar form recently?



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Just an update on my case.

I have submitted the client letter on this monday ( Dec '05). The client letter is given by the Legal & Compliance Dept of Verizon Wire less, and i was approved only for 4 months6 months at the job offer , but H1B Procees +Visa took 2 months),while my h1B is approved for 3 yrs( Based on approved I-140). The contract/work orders get extended every 3 or 6 months as per client policy, They can't give the letter for 3 yrs at a strech, per complaince ploicy.... The MSA(Master Service Agreement) says, the contractor may work at the client site for maximum of 3 yrs.My Employer provided the letter explainging the same.

Will this be a problem, for giving the visa? Was any one in this situation before?

Let me know your comments.



Let me know your comments.

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I don't think Visa officer decide your Visa duration at the time of Visa stamping .If approved they should stamp your passport till the time your I797 is valid . Did you hear anything from Chennai Consulate .

I am in same situation as yours . I m wondering if I need to withdraw my old Visa application (EVVC Model) before I apply for new Visa stamping (EC Model) . I got a 221g admin processing from mexico and now I am planning to take Visa appointment in India . Please suggest ?

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