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Interview on Dec 5th - Ottawa

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Hi Guys,

I have an appointment on Dec 5th in Ottawa. If any of you guys are planning to book it or already booked for the same date let me know. We can plan the trip together or we can atleast meet there and have a chat... I will look forward for your replies.



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Hi nlottawa,

I didn't get your message until today and yesterday I've booked my ticket. Anyhow we will meet there in Ottawa.. You can reach me at srinath349 at g dot com

We will discuss further.


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nlottawa: Hope you got visa approved. Let me know if you are planning to go back to dc the same day you get the passport. I can join on the way back if you are ok with it (if it is on or before Wednesday.)

I got visa approved today (Dec 5). I am working as a FTE for >6 years with same company and this is my 3rd H1.

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Hello momer,

Yes I did get my visa approved on Dec 5th. I have not got my passport yet (Dec 7th 1:00 PM). Might take one more day. I have couple of guys back to DC with me already. They all got stamped on the same day pretty much.

congrats on your stamping though.

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Hello @momer @nlottawa -

So I did get my visa approved on Dec 5th. They said 2-3 days.

I still haven't received the passport yet. So a couple of questions -

1. Is there anyway to follow up on the status other then keep refreshing the usvisa-info page ?

2. Does calling the local embassy number result in any valid information ?

Appreciate your input !

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Hello Everyone,

I am posting my experience a bit late as I've waited for my passport to arrive. My interview was on Dec 5th Monday. My appointment was at 9:30AM.

Chinese American called my token. Below are the excerpts from my interview.

1. How do you pronounce your Employer name.

2. Is their any vendor involved?

3. Who is your Vendor.

4. Who is your End Client

5. How long have you been working for this Client

6. How long is your contract with the client.

7. Where did you work prior working to the current client

8. Whom do you report to and his name.

9. Who is your client manager.

10. what is the role of your Vendor (VO said - There is a confusion here - if you are reporting to your employer what is this vendor doing?)

11. Can you give me what all documents and agreements you have with you.

12. How many employees with your employer

13. Where is your Employer located.

14. What's your client place and where do you work.

Finally VO said, Congrats Sir - Your Visa is Approved and gave me a white slip which explains on how to track the passport.

I've got an email the next day evening (Tuesday) saying Loomis Express has got my passport but not ready for the pickpup. On Wednesday morning I've got an email from US Consulate saying document is in transit and the status on the site updated saying 'Ready for Pickup'.

I picked up at 11:00AM on Wednesday and drove back to States.

We were total 6 attended interview on the same day (Dec 5th) and everybody got their visas. I was the only one who went to Chinese American who drills everybody but if you are confident enough on what you say he's is giving it.

That is it guys...

Good Luck to everyone.


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@nlottawa and @currysmuggler:

Have you received your passport yet? It is Dec 8 (10 am), but no status update for me on the website.

For first 2-3 days, I don't think there is any other way than keeping on refreshing the web site. If I don't get it until tomorrow end of the day, I will try calling them. Not sure if they will respond.

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Hi @currymuggler: It is Friday, Dec 9 (around 10 am) and no update on the passport

Did you get any update?

@nlottawa: Please let us know if you got your passport.


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Hi @momer: Its Dec 9 (11 AM) and I still have no update on my passport. The embassy is pretty unresponsive regarding passport process status requests. Its coming to a point where its becoming a futile exercise to worry about something that we have control over.

One additional thing to check is the loomis-express website based on your reference number that you got with the usvisa-info form. But no luck there too in my case.

So just waiting aimlessly ...

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Yes, very frustrating.

I have flight back at 6 pm today, so looks like I will miss it and need to take a one way rental from National whenever i get the passport.

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Hi, do you know anyone else other than Srinath who got the passport back?

If we don't get passport today, we will have to wait until Monday. If you live near DC or on the way to DC we can go by car.

Where are you living in Ottawa?

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Hi @momer - So I received a note saying that the passport is available for pickup. I hope you got the same too. But the courier service doesn't work on the weekends. So will have to wait until Monday to get the passport and make my way back to Boston.

I am not sure if Boston is on your way down to DC. Plus I just found a bus that goes to Boston which is way less expensive than the other options at this point in time and it just seems to be the best option for me.

Let me know how it goes for you.

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