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Transfer to H1B from B1/B2

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I am in discussions with a company/person who has advised me that his company would be able to apply for transfer of my B1/B2 visa to H1B visa if I am in the USA for a minimum of 60 days after which the transfer can be files.

I would like to know if such a transfer is possible to be filed and do I need to stay in the USA even after the transfer is applied for.

It would surely help to know if there is anything else which would be beneficial for me to know while I am having discussions with this company/person.



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Since a H1 petition has to be filed in any case the company seems suspect. Any company afraid of the visa issue to their H1 employees is suspect. Stay away if possible and do not pay them any amount for any reason.

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@CV...i transfered from B2 visa to a H1b visa. its not approved yet. i got a RFE yesterday. it took about 3 months from my receipt date till my RFE date...but my lawyer did tell that me its better to apply after a couple of months after you enter the US on a B2 visa.

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If they want to hire you, they should not rely on some shady stuff with B2.

First, the H1 quota is getting full, so in 60+ days they may not be able to file for an H1 anymore.

Second, it can take several months for the H1 approval. Do you have enough money to stay in the US for that long? You can't be paid by the company in any form, and of course you can't work for them until the H1 is approved.

The bottom line: This whole stuff looks very shady. Stay away from that company.

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