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221 G white form Hyderabad consulate on Nov 9

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I have recivied 221G white on Nov 9th. Mine is EVC model and the VO asked me questions about E-E relationship. I have explained him my manager from my company manages my day-to-day acitivities, but still he still gave me 221G saying I need to confirm with USCIS that they are aware that you are working on EVC model. He kept my I-797, LCA, I-129, Client letter and Vendor and gave a 221G with case number and further administration process required. He said he doesn't need anymore documents.

Please let me know if anyone has gone through similar situation or has experience in handling this kind of issues.

Any input will be greatly appreciated!!!!

Also, Please let me know if anyone knows about anything about the color of the Forms.

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Any update on your case?

I got 221g white on Dec 1st 2011 hyderabad.

I was not able to see my Case ID and finally on 23rd Dec after repetitive emails to VFS, I got the below reply:

" We have recieved your recent submission, however a counslar officer must review your documents"

Finally my case ID started showing " Undergoing process" since Jan 9th.

I work in EVC model and I was mostly asked quetions around employer-employee relationship, Which made sense.

My current scenario is exactly the same as when I applied for my H1-B and got the approval by USCIS...Same client, same primary vendor.

When asked about my reporting methods, I clearly mentioned that we document our weekly status reports and so that triggered the 221g asking for submitting any such documents.

I submitted all my weekly status reports that I submit to my manager( he is on my employers payrol), my annual appraisal sheets, client letter along with my passport as asked on 6th of dec.

On 8th of Dec I got another 221g to submit my I-129, cover letter as submitted to USCIS and all my education certificates. they still have my passport.

I did the same on 12th of Dec.

Since than waiting......

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