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November Bulletin: Lets track EB Approvals

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A friend who filed his EB2-NIW in Aug. 2007, current now, got the CPO email: "On November 3, 2011, we ordered production of your new card."

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My PD : July 31 2007

Category : EB2

485 applied on Aug 17 2007

Current since Nov 1 2011

Center NSC


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PD: 24 Sep

Category : EB2

Layer posted the documents on 3rd Nov. Have not received any receipt yet. How long does it take to get receipt from AOS?

Thank you,


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PD: Sep 2007

Category : EB2

Applied in first week of Nov and Got the receipts in 10 days.

The PD in my dependents I 485 is noted as Nov 3 2011 (The receipt date) instead of my PD Sep 2007. Is this to be corrected or this normal?

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Category- EB2 (ROW)

Labor Approved: April 2011

I140 Approved: June 2011

I145 Interviewed: Oct 2011

GC Received: Nov 2011.

Been a silent reader but thanks to all for sharing so much of information.

Good Luck.

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Current from Oct for PD 05/31/2007 EB2I

Lawyer Raised SR on 10/26. Got response from USCIS on 11/14 with the following response.

"Based on your request, we received the status of your case. We are actively processing this case. However, we have to perform additional review on this case and this has caused a longer processing time. You will receive a decision or other notice of action as soon as a decision is made".

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PD- April 15, 2007 (EB2)

I-140- Approved- July 2007

Center -- TSC

Filed for - I-765/I-485/I-131 on AUG 1St ,2011

Receipt Dt--- AUG 3rd, 2011

BIOMETRICS Completed - 9/1/2011

EAD(I-765) & AP approved and recived on 10/27/2011

I-485--- stiil on Intial review....

Same employer throughout........

anyone on same page ? Any ETA ...... ?

Thanks & Appreciated ...for any info...

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guys...on 11/15/11 our(me and wife) 485 approved , got cards on 11/19/11

Here are my stats...

PD : July 25 2007 (PERM approved on July 29th 2007 , took 4 days only)

Category : EB2 - India

485 applied on Aug 13 2007

Current since Nov 1 2011

485 approved on 11/15/11

got cards on 11/19/2011

Good luck to you all....

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Hi All

My case update

Priority Date : EB2 - OCT 23 2007

Current as of Nov 2011

Filed on Nov 4 2011 (received Date)

Reciept Notice date Nov 8 2011

Finger Printing Scheduled Notice Date Nov 17 2011

Finger Printing Scheduled Dec 6


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PD: October 18, 20

USCIS received 485 on Nov 3, 2011

Receipt notice received on 11/21/2011

Biometrics scheduled on 12/7/2011

Service Center TX

Waiting for the rest of the stuff...

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