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221G (BLUE) The Petition is being returned to the USCIS for further review!!!

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I have been issued 221g TODAY OCT 25th, for further administrative "application processing" in chennai consulate.

They have cross marked the last option in blue 221g form: Application Processing Information: The Petition is being returned to the USCIS for further review, upon completion of the review, USCIS will contact your petetioner. Please wait for a notification from the consulate before returing.

Also collected my original petetion with docs that were originally "filed to USCIS":

After reading all of your experiences and after talking to my employer, I lost hope in getting visa through my current h1b petetion which is still valid until sep 2013 which is so sad...

i could not get any clear picture on post decision activity...appreciate if you could detail more about your completed process/ongoing process/communications etc from USCIS/CONSULATE/PETETIONER.

And my question is:

can i attend H4 during this process.... have anyone of you changed your status from H1 to h4 before??? is it legally okay to get h4 visa while u have a hold on ur current H1......????

What are the chances of getting H4 visa...

Will there be a question on y r u changing your visa status back from h1 to h4?

Incase if i get H4 will i be able to be able to work legally in USA by getting a new H1b from the same employer?

what could be the chances of a new h1 approval from the same employer while 1 is stil on pending/hold/review/admin process etc .... ??

I will look forward for ur reply. Thanks in advance!

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I am a direct employee to ABC company, there is no vendor b/n my employer and client, my employer placed me in a client location, and the visa officer asked me more questions on the relation between my employer and client..Both of my employer and client are the leading IT sevice provider companies who deal with many projects...officer asked the following questions:

What is the actual link between your employer and client.

Does your employer own your clients project or not!

Does the same client project run at your employers location or not!

Are you using any of the tools/softwares from ur employer side @ ur clients location..

Did your employer just placed u as a consultant or what?

He was not convinced with my answers too, not even listening to what i m saying...

inspite of having uptodate payslips w2 etc they issued 221g.

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