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Misinterpretation of answers on refusal letter.

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Hey Guys,

Today I got my refusal letter via email, and to my surprise the facts presented there do not match my answers at all. Not sure if this is a generic template that is being sent to everyone who is getting rejected.

@ hire fire authority it has been quoted that I said it has been delegated to the Client !! why in the world will I say that when its not a fact at all.

@ at supervision: my workflow for reporting goes from my employer to vendor and if needed to the client. This has been presented as the vendor and implementer having control.

@ it was asked if I use proprietary tools but in the document it says proprietary information ??

@ the end product development : how does it help employer ...this was never asked !!

When I asked for the reason of denial the VO very clearly said as per the h1 laws the petitioner should have the job you cannot work as a third party and in your case the petitioner should have

been the first layer as he has the job and not your employer.

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They probably don't go just by what you answered. I am sure they look at all the documents, and they may even call the client to verify things.

And what do you "report" to your employer?

Does your employer control your work, i.e., does your employer tell you what to do and how to do it?

Stuff like time reporting is not enough. And other reporting is proprietary to the client, and with NDAs likely in effect, a third party like your employer is not allowed to even know about such client-confidential stuff.

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