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H1B visa petition transfered to USCIS(Urgent)

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I attended H1B visa renewal interview on oct 4th 2011 in hyderabad. VO gave 221g blue sheet without case number and told me that he is transfering my h1b visa petition to the USCIS because of my employer didn't mention the employer and vendor relationship in the letter to USCIS. but till today,i didn't get any updates from US consulate hyderabad about my petition status. please suggest me what can I do now to get the visa. I need second opnion on my case. please help me. I will really appreciate your response.

My application type : EVC

Vaild Petition : Sep-16-2011 to sep-15-2014

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Hi ,

I am in the same situation as you are. My visa interview was on Sept 29 at Hyd. VO handed me 221g Blue with Case Number and kept my passport and told me that he has to verify with USCIS whether my employer has informed USCIS that there is vendor in between client and my employer. He told me this process will take 2 r 3 days but its already more than a week. Did the VO take your passport?

Mine is EVC model same as u and Petition is valid from Sept 01 2011 to AUG 15 2014.

Did you talk with your employer? What did he say?


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I have my visa appointment on Oct 13th EVC model. in Hyderabad. I request you to post questions which may help me

Thanks in Advance

FYI: My visa was denied in May . I applied for new H1-B petition. valid till 2014.

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VO didn't take my passport. My employer said that we will get the query request from USCIS within the 6 months. If we didn't get the any request from USCIS in 6 months, then my employer will send a service request to the USCIS about my query.

I guess If VO transfer our visa petition to the USCIS for revocation, it will take minimum 3 months to 2 years to complete the whole process .

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Once your petition is sent back to USCIS for review it takes a minimum of 90 days for USCIS to respond. They might still take more time.

But post 90 days your lawyer can initiate a conversation with USCIS. It would be expedited if you can get a senator involved.

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"It would be expedited if you can get a senator involved"

That is wrong on so many fronts that it boggles the mind. No. Politicians cannot help. Lawyers may be able to.

In all such situations involving the petition being sent back for reaffirmation the best way is to refile a new H1 petition with these concerns addressed and then go for a H1 visa instead of waiting and waiting and beleiving rogues who were the cause of the delay by either not getting a Lawyer onboard initially or not providing adequate proofs.

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VO took my passport during the interview. I got the passport back without Stamp. No other communication. When contacted DOS, they stated it was sent back to USCIS.

What I am hearing is 90 Days is the minimum timeframe for any more information. Is this true ?

Being in EVC model I dont think my client will wait beyond 3 months....

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I am sorry to hear about your case. When & where did you went to the interview ? At the time of interview, did the VO acknowledged whether your visa is approved? or Did the VO gave you a 221g letter b4 he retained your passport.?

Mine is similar case like you. EVC model.Myself & my wife went to interview at Hyd on 09/30/2011. The interview went for about 10minutes. The interview was mostly about employer-employee relationship.Fortunately the VO approved our visa and promised to return our passports in 2-3 days. The VO retained our passports,I-129,LCA,Client letters,paystubs,HDFC receipts but returned my wife h4 document,a copy of HDFC reciept. At the end of interview, the VO asked me whether I received employer handbook otherwise he is going me one.Well the employer handout can be interpreted as visa is issued actually the employer handout is given to everybody before the interview .The VO promised me to send our passports in 2-3days after verification. The VO did not issue me any 221G letter.

Anyways its already 13 business days about 3weeks or 21 days ever since the VO approved my visa but I haven't received my passport. But after hearing your case in this forum, questions being raised in my mind whether I am going to get our passports with visa stamp.

I am totally worried. I have been working in states for the past 6.5 years. This is the 7th year of H1b and I am half -a-way stage in my GC process with I-140 approval.

Could you please provide your contact number to my zmail account (replace 'z' with 'g" in zmail). Your contact number is really appreciated.

Thanks & Regards


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VO gave me 221g after the interview. he never said it is approved. he said he will verify later and get back to me if anything else is required.

I understand your concern, but dont worry, as you might already know every case is diff.

Just have patience and wait for some more time. Dont try to follow up too much with vfs.

Dont worry, hope you will get your stamped passport very soon.

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