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Successful Visa Stamping in Hyderabad on OCT 7th

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First of all thanks to Murthys forum for the valuable information which helped me a lot for my visa approval. I am attending my first visa stamping and I am in my second year of my first H1. I am in EC model and I attended visa interview with all the required documentation. I was tensed even I have complete documentation.

My appointment was at 10:45. I reached the gate by 10:20 and before going to the interview I have seen 4 people with 221g. Bit tensed but, tried to pull the confidence on my face. I entered in to the room and reached Indian officer counter and collected my documentation, then gave my finger prints and people rushed me to counter 15.

My interview followed as follows:

(I forgot to wish Visa Officer)

Vo : Give me your file.

Me : gave my file

VO: What did u do your masters in?

Me : Answered.

VO: Where di u do your Masters?

Me : Answered.

VO: What do u do at your company(Employer)?

Me: Answered

VO: Do u work for Client or Employer?

me : I work for my client through my Employer.

VO: I need your Client Letter.

Me : Given my Client Letter.

VO: Do u have your Btech too???

Me : Yes

VO: I need your I129 and LCA.

Me : Given.

VO: Tell me about your project?

Me: Given very good description. No Idea how good he understood.

VO: Whats your pay?

Me: Answered both monthly and Yearly pay.

Thats it there come the golden words. Your visa is approved sir and you will receive your passport in 1 week. My interview is pretty striaght forward and what I feel held me a lot is EC model and very very strong Client Letter.

Please let me know if any one have questions.....

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@Appdev - Congratulations!!!!!

I would soon be going for stamping. I will be working on EC model as well.. would truly appreciate if you could share the content of your Client Letter.. (of course, minus names) I could perhaps reach out to mine and request them to appropriately word it.

Thanks in Advance.

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Could you please share your contact info? or could you please tell me the format and brief description of your client letter. I am looking for info like the contents of the letter [Client, employer?, period of assignment?, project description? role? responsibilities?].


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@Appdev - Congratulations!!!!!!

I will soon be going for stamping. Would appreciate if you could please share the content of the client letter (of course, minus names) so that I can request my client to issue something similar. Like your's my project type follows the EC model as well.

Client letter is the one document they seem to love a lot and I want to get that right.

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@appdev ,

I am suprised & happy for you !! Cngrts on getting your visa on your first Attempt .. Good to hear that Atleast people who are attending the interview at the Hyd consulate are getting Visa stamped .

I just have few quick questions , I am planning to attend my visa interview for the second attempt this year ,so I am totally sacred & confused . But you know I have too...

Is your Masters related to your job ? or from diff fields like EEE/MECH and your working as s/w proff over there? I just want to make sure if they are having questions if the proffesion and our MASTERS DO MATCH or not ?

Also are you working at the client location right now ?

What were the documents did you carry in that file which you submmited to VO? like the one you carried /the one you have submitted before the interview ?

Would be waiting for your reply !!

Thanks ,

Vidhya !!

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@ Adil ,

I am for EC Model this time and I would be going in the month of Nov or so . How about you ? Which Model are you going for ? Wish you good luck and can you drop me Your personal Email add if possible ?

Thanks ,

VIdhya !!

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@Vidhya - Your response to me suggested that perhaps you think that there are other consulates which are better than Hyderabad. I went to Delhi earlier in the year & this will be my 2nd attempt too. Which consulate in India do you think is relatively better than India.. would like to know your opinion.

@Adil - Good Luck!

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@Vidhya18: By second attempt, do you mean your first visa application is rejected or still under admin processing? Can u pls explain ur case, since I am also thinking of options how to apply for a second interview..

@Adil: Can u explain ur case a bit...second time ??

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@forumman : I went to consulate on March 7th CHENNAI .Got 221 (g) I was asked to submit additional docs. Submitted my docs on May 23rd. Got rejection letter in June.

Got H1-B Approved thru new employer.

E-V-C model

I am going for stamping again on 13th to Hyderabad.

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I think all the consulates are working in the same style ..No matter what !! But to my guess may be the processing time is varying from consulate to consulate ...

Doesn't Matter where you go Visa is purely luck ( this is my opinion though ) & the Mood of the Interviewer ....

When are you planning to go for your stamping ?


My first Application was rejected as the company I was with doesn't hold good credits after a long wait and verification process of nearly 7 months ...

Thanks ,

Vidhya !!!

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Vidya! Congrats on getting your visa approval.

Well I & along with my wife attended visa interview @ hyderabad on 09/30/2011.Mine is EVC model . Fortunately the VO approved my visa.The VO retained my h1b,I-129 petiton doc,LCA,paystubs and promsed to send me our passports by mid-next week & should have receieved within 5 working days. Today is 9th working day and I haven't recieved our passports. I am little bit confused whether I will receieve our passports stamped.

Do you think once the VO acknowledges visa is issued will he change the decision? or what is really stopping him from dispatching my passport to me.



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Doesn't look like very many people are going for stamping now.. or they are.. but aren't really sharing their experience on Murthy.

Guys please share your recent EC stamping experiences here..

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@ nbendi ,

I didnt attend my visa( 2nd attempt ) yet , I should be giving in the next month probably ...... I wish your words May come true though !!!

Cngrts for you guys for visa approval , to my knowledge I dont think so they will change the decision once the VO says your visa is approved . May be due the bandh and eveyrthing going on in Hyd ,things are getting delayed ....

Can you please put up ur experience over here ?

Vidhya ...

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Model : EVC

US exp.: 6.5yrs

H1b : 8th year

H1b - 08/01/2013

GC process :- I-140 approved

Desi company :- 45 people

Even-though my visa is approved, Its already 9 working days and today will be 10th working day still waiting for my passports.

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Even-though my visa is approved, Its already 9 working days and today will be 10th working day still waiting for my passports.

Hi nbendi,

Expect call from US Consulate. I got later from US Consulate stating your visa has been approved but they keep my passport, I-797, client letter and I-129. after 10 -15 business day i received call from US Consulate. I was not prepare when I got call from US Consulate. I was driving and travelling some visiting place. As I was not prepare, I gave some answer which cause me visa denial.

My model EC. Working in very genuine IT consulting company. I-140 approved, 4.5 year in US.

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Hi man_1975

I personally thank you for caution before hand. Now could you please tell me what kind of questions I should be

expecting from them. Since my visa is already approved, could you please tell me how they are going to puzzle me.

Mine is EVC model.

Could you please provide me your contact# to my personal email zmail(replace 'z" with 'g'). Iam looking forward to your speak to you.



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