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By gods grace I got my stamped passport delivered today.This forum has been a real solace for people stuck with 221 G,I hope and pray each and every one to succeed in this critical wait times.

Thanks again for your patronage....


First time H1B

Interview date: 9/9/2011

221 G green with petitioner docs

Direct employer

Submitted docs on 11 th of october

Got 221 g again to submit passport on 4 th of nov

Submitted passport on 9 th of Nov

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Interview Date: Oct 19th 2011

Issued 221g on the same day, passport returned and no documents asked hence did not submit any documents

Its been 4 weeks now...getting impatient,,,

can i contact anyone or call up anywhere to verify the status?...

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Did they contact ur employer or client?

I went for interview on 18th Oct and was given 221g blue for admin processing. passport is with me and i ma still waiting for communication from consulate to submit the passport.

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I got 221g blue today asking to submit DS160 confirmation, Passport size photo, Passport, Original I-797, LCA and H1B petition.

Is this request for stamping the visa ? Can I now call DOS to check my status ?

My case in short

EC model

Interview date at Chennai: Aug-29

221g green asking all employer, petition related docs and Passport

Submitted docs: Sep-12 at Hyd VFS without PP

Request for PP: Nov-17

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@nrkiran - congrats buddy, i believe ur ppt will be stamped this time and ur wait is gonna come to an end soon. keep us updated.

guys in queue, be more optimistic.....many more good news for all of us will come soon...

God, please make it fast!

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@devrad - did u hear something? i believe dos guys told u that u will hear something this week right?

@ Vijai,

We did call the DOS and they said its still under admin process. We will wait for couple more weeks and then apply for H4

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I gave my visa interview on 23rd sep 2011 in Chennai consulate. I got green 221g form.... still waiting on the stamping process. In the mean time I got one more H1b approved from a US employer with whom I gave the interview before leaving from US.

Do I have to wait for this 221g process to get over or can I apply for new H1b stamping with this new H1b approval.

Please help.


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Is it a direct employer that filed your H1 petition now ?

If so, you have to withdraw your 221g processing petition by email/phone and then re-appear with this new approval.

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I have attended visa renewal interview on 26th july in chennai and got 221(g) green form. I am on EVC model and have submitted docs on 9th august and again on 3rd october(for 2nd query). After submitting docs on second time it's been more than 1.5 months and I didn't heard back from chennai consulate.

In meanwhile I am planning to switch over to my vendor and apply for a new H1-B petition. They are well know MNC product based company. As my visa is still under processing in chennai consulate, Is it a good idea to apply for a H1-B petition and go for stamping again for new employer or continue wait for some more time ?

Is it mandatory to withdraw old H1-B visa application before going for new H1-B stamping ? Also I think it's not required to file a H1 amendement for my case as I will be working for same client.

Please provide your valuable suggestion as I am so confused with next steps to be taken.

Thanks & Regards

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#254 l1toh1us: my employer and client both have not been contacted yet ..

Do they contact in every case?

I am not sure if they contact the client/employer in all the case. It depends on why u were given 221g.

in my case the 221g was blue for admin processing regarding client verification. even after providing the client letter the VO wanted to check with client directly.

They did contact the client and a standard questioner was sent.

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Even I am on the same boat..

It was my first time H1B stamping (EVC model)and interview was at Chennai consulate.

Interview Date : 7th October 2011

221g received : green form with petitioner details checked

Submitted Docs : 12th October 2011(without passport)

Status : Still waiting

Inquired about the status three times via email..

First time reply came that they had received the docs and the case is under review.

Second time they replied saying the case is under administrative processing

Third time they replied that the case is under mandatory administrative processing

Do not know how long it would take...

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Hi Vijay

as per my observation since last week there are no updates in other threads also

may be this week also holidays..we may expect some updates by next week...

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Hi dravid

i think there is use to contact DOS also....even after submission also they are giving the same answer...

i sent mail to Vfs on monday till now i didn't receive any mail from them.

Be patience pray to God

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@vijai sekar: Does the approval also depnds on the no of employees in the company as I have applied for H1B through a small compay which have 30 employees as it is EC model

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