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Stamping Experience at Chennai Consulate

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Here's some of the details of my case so far.

Visited India in Feb 2011 for personal reasons. Was supposed to get my H1b extension stampped.

BackGround :

almost 10 years of experience . have been in US for almost same time.

MS from US . PERM Labor approved.

Visa Interview : 25th Feb 2011 at Mumbai

Employment Type : EVC Model

221G : Yes asked me for various documents . I submitted them starting next week.

Status : Received a note from the Consulate stating that my case was sent to USCIS.

haven't heard back from them.

Meanwhile, I found a new job , got my h1 approved from the new Consultancy and started working at the client office in Chennai.

Visa interview : 26th Sept 2011 at Chennai

Employment Type : EVC model

total 3 interviews by 3 different people.

1st Interviewer : asked me bunch of questions about my lost passport in US few years back , which had a valid visa .

VO : didn't ask much questions . did say that I will get the visa stamp and kept the passport with them.

3rd Interviewer : asked for few documents including my resume and the letter that the consultancy sent to USCIS. gave me a tracking number and said that the passport will be sent to my place once admin processing is done in 4 to 6 weeks.

Observations : The VO wrote PIMS on my DS 160 form.

I hope I can consider this as a successful stamping. And hope that I can go back to US soon after I receive the passport.

How many days/weeks have you guys gotten your passport back ?

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Hello Guys,

Today I received the passport back from the embassy with the visa stamp.

The whole experience has been grueling. But it was a learning process for sure.

Best of luck with your visa stamping .


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Hi Jayd,

Congrats for your visa. I am also in the same boat like you. I attend my first stamping on May18 and was sent back to USCIS so applied new H1 with same employer and went for stamping on Sept 29th. VO kept my passport and handed my a blue 221g with a case number on it and said will send your passport after some verification. When asked him how much time this verification would take he told that its a small verification and will take 1 or 2 days at max but no update yet.

Seeing your case gives me some confidence. So did you get any 221g form or was it just a tracking number?

Congrats again !!! :)

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Any isues faced with employer-employee relationship?

What were questions in first interview?

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If VO has kept your passport and said that you will get a stamp, then YOU WILL GET THE STAMP.

One major difference i saw with the latest stamp is that it clearly mentions that "Clearance received on so and so date".

With all my previous visa stamps there were no mention about any clearance..

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In my I160 for that I submitted for the new Visa stamping appointment , i clearly mentioned in the "Any visas refused ? " section that I got my previous job back and a new consultancy showed interest in procssing my visa and thats' why i am here for new interview ..

I provided the contact details of my manager from the new job.

I think as much transparency as possible in your I160 will make the VO more favorable to offer you the stamp.

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@Jayd : Firstly, congratulations.

& now a couple of questions.. :-p hopefully you won't mind answering.. :)

Is your employer a desi Consulting company?

> or < 50 employees?

These days.. with EVC the VOs have loads of questions to ask to ensure that your employer has control over the work you do...

Questions like...

- Who is you manager? [Client's employee or your Employer's employee?]

-With whom do you have status meetings and what time frames?

- How many ppl from you company are working at client location?

- Where does your manager work (client location)?

.....etc..etc.. wanted to check if you were asked any of these questions.. or questions on similar lines. If yes can you please share the questions you were asked and your responses.

Going through this forum..... I realize that almost everyone with EVC/EC model.. are asked these questions.

Look forward to your response.

Thank you in Advance.

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I wasn't actually asked much questions except

1. what does my client do and

2.who recommended me to the consultancy. I told that my ex collegue from the last company (end client) referred me.

As I mentioned above , I wrote in my DS160 in the "ever refused visas before" section that I received a 221G before and then I got my contract back from my previous client. and a new consultancy showed interest in processing my visa " ..

I think the VO understood my old professional relations with the client and further that the consultancy isn't playing much role in my employment.

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