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Ottawa 221G Yellow - Request for Additional Documentation - I140 approval

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I applied for my H1B renewal in Ottawa on August 28th, Monday.

I work for a global software firm in the US.

The officer asked me a bunch of questions, took my passport, last years tax return, and LCA.

He then asked me for my approved I140 notice but I did not have that with me.

He then issued me a 221g yellow form and asked me to email them the I-140 approval doc.

My lawyer was perplexed that they even asked for this as all of my information, including this document, should be in their PIMMS system.

Regardless that information was emailed to them the same day.

Its now been 2 days and I am curious as to what to expect in terms of how much time it might take.

I see a lot of posts, but none that are recent. It is important to note that I was NOT placed under administrative review; just additional documentation.

Would appreciate any experiences or thoughts on this.

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Guys, I got news from the consulate that my visa is issued, printed and on its way!

Hopefully that gives hopes to others in the same boat.

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My 2 cents -

I think you are suppossed to carry your I-140 approval copy for your renewal stamping after 6th year. (That's more important if you have 2/3 years renewal based on your I140 approval)

If a VO wants to verify every information from their system; it will take weeks/months.

Based on your description, I guess your stay would have been avoided if you had a I140 approval copy. Good luck !

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I don't understand why you dint took your I140, and I wonder why your lawyer dint suggest you to take it along with you.

You have to carry all the valid documents for interview . period.

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