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Matamoros H1B renewal Visa Denied -Confused

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Congrats Prem! Sure must be a great relief for you! Had a quick question though. On the DS160 form.. what did you answer for the question - " Have you ever been denied a visa?" If you answered yes, then what comments did you put? Please do let me know.


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Thanks all. Sorry i got busy..

I am still waiting to get my passport. "Your Passport is under process at U.S Embassy/Consulate."

@ajexpert- In mexico the vo officer was not interested in seeing any document after he found that i had 3 months gap to join my employer after getting stamped. So immediately told that he cannot issue visa,cancelled the existing visa(God knows why even the chennai VO doesnt have an answer)and refused my renewal with a 221G. I didnt carry anything extra to chennai consulate.My petition is never revoked

@bindasbob- Ya i got a 221g for visa denial @ mexico but that doesnt say the actual reason it just says needs more administrative processing. You can tell the exact reason why your visa is refused in mexico. i would suggest you to take an attorney's advice..

@gkh- the answer in my case is Yes-visa is denied.

I gave the same reason what the Visa officer told me "i had 3 months gap after getting stamped to join my employer and the VO is mexico said they cannot process it there and i have to go to india for stamping" i also gave the reason for the gap.

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Prem.chn - Can you please share your email/contact info to. I have some things to discuss before going to Chennai consulate for stamping.

[This message was edited by Admin on September 14, 2011 at 01:03 PM.]

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