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221 g chennai green - passport submission question

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Hi Friends.

I got a 221 g green at chennai consulate.I was asked to submit a list of docs.Now my question is - on the back of 221 g where there is "when you submit this information,you will also need to include the following".

Under this I have all the boxes checked and no item explicitly crossed across.The VO did not ask me NOT to submit the passport.

Does this mean,I need to submit my passport and other checked items under the same?.

Please advice.It looks like I got to but I just wanted to confirm.Please let me know guys.

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If nothing has been striked out, you need to submit the passport. This is under my assumption that VO circled the documents to be submitted with his/her pen. Generally they draw a big oval covering all the left hand side cross marks. Its like that in our case.

If you send the 221g to your attorney, he should be able to confirm as well

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I also have the same question. I have got a second 221g letter from consulate asking for the copy of petition document. In the first 221g, i was explicitly asked not to submit the passport and it was crossed out and i had to submit the other documents like LCA/I129/797. The second one that i received doesnt have anything explicitly striked out. Does this mean, i have to submit the passport now along with I129/797/LCA? Or i shouldnt read too much into it and just submit what i have been asked for? Has anyone got a second 221g letter like this?


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